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The 2015 season will be the tenth season of Saturday Morning Footy.  The program began in 2006 with two sessions and lots of help from the Baltimore Washington Eagles, friends and neighbors.  

The last nine years have been quite a ride.  We have had as many as 70 boys and girls participate in a single session to as few as two.  We have AFL/NFL greats like Sav Rocca and Peter Schwab help coach and support the program.  Our parents have included members of the US and Australian armed forces, diplomats, executives, an IMF board member, a cabinet secretary, journalists, NBL players, Australian ex-pats, Americans who have fallen in love with the game and many who didn't even know what it was.

Throughout, the goal has been simple.  Learn footy, be safe and have fun.

I have relied upon parents, volunteers, Eagles players, coaches and alums.  I have received support from the Australian Football League, the Victorian Football League and the United States Australian Football League.

I am so grateful to everyone has helped out, particularly those that pitched in when I was sick.  I am grateful to my wife, Deena, who has been an enormous help in making this program such a great success.

The tenth season of Saturday Morning Footy will see the formation of the Washington Junior Australian Football Club.  Washington Juniors will work with the Baltimore Washington Eagles and the USAFL to help make SMF an even bigger program during the next ten seasons.  Congratulations to the initial Juniors board, President Christopher Adams, Vice President Matt Byrne, Treasurer Deena Ackerman, Secretary Alex Gersham, Members Steve Carty and Rick Bove.