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run dcOn Saturday July 11, Saturday Morning Footy ventured across the Potomac to run a session on the National Mall.  The weather looked grim but cleared by the time start time rolled around.  It was our annual "Specky Session," one of the favorite sessions of the year.  The boys and girls practice taking great marks (catches) using tackle bags to substitute for opposition players (or team mates).  The key to a great specky is breaking it into two parts.  The first part is jumping on the bag and using as leverage to rise up or to remain above your opponents.  The second part is to reach up for the ball.  It took a little bit, but the players were able to get the hang of it and take some great grabs.

After working on speckies, Coach Danny took the players through the basics of rolling and falling, both very important skills in Australian football.

The session ended with a match.  The standard of football this year has been really fantastic.  The ball movement and the kicking to a team mate's advantage were excellent.

Saturday July 18 we are back at BLUEMONT PARK.

Thanks to Stuart Barkoff for the great photos. More PHOTOS ON FACEBOOK.